David D'Orazi Is A Self-Motivated Sales Management Professional

March 10, 2015
David D'Orazi is currently serving as Enterprise Sales Manager with Pulsant, a company that specializes in developing and selling cloud hosting services and solutions for their business clients. David D'Orazi has more than ten years of experience working in the fields of Managed Services, Hosting, Cloud, and Colocation. They are highly technical fields that make use of cutting edge technologies that, often, businesses are just beginning to truly learn about. In many cases, though, these technologies would be incredibly useful for businesses if only they understood them. David D'Orazi is adept at ensuring that companies not only understand what the product is, but how to use it effectively. He is experience with IAAS, PAAS, and SAAS, as well.

David D'Orazi is a self-motivated sales management professional. He has proven in his current position, and indeed throughout his career, that he is able to make sales. His record at Pulsant is that he not only meet sales targets consistently, but exceeds them. David D'Orazi aims to win new business across all verticals for his clients. David D'Orazi has sealed deals with values ranging from <£50K AOV - >£1.5M AOV. He finds it easy to sell Pulsant services and products because he firmly believes in their efficacy for businesses.